Let us help you save on your telecom bills.

With an expert team of specialists from the telecom industry, we are the right people to have on your side if you want to save up on your telecom bills.

Who we are?

We are a team of telecommunication professionals with over ten years of experience in helping our customers derive the best value for their telecommunication needs. We offer mobility plans for Consumers, Small-Business, and Enterprises throughout Canada. We are dedicated to providing them with the greatest value and highest level of customer support. We work tirelessly to find and bring you the best cell phone plans in Canada that cater to your needs and help you save on your telecom bills. Our purpose is to investigate and negotiate plans on your behalf from Canadian telecom companies to get you the most value for your money.

Current State Analysis

The first step is to do a through review of your existing telecom invoices and find opportunities that can help you save on your bills.

Requirements Gathering

The second step is to talk to relevant departments and key stakeholders within your organization to understand your main requirements when it comes to telecoms so that we can provide you a more relevant plan.


Next comes the implementation stage where when you’re ready to move forward, we’ll launch the setup process to get your newest devices fully operational as quickly as possible.


Based on the current state analysis and after understanding your requirements, we give our set of recommendations for the client and start our negotiations with carriers to bring the best plans with the highest savings in front of you.


Our customer journey doesn’t end at implementation. Outstanding customer care and dedicated assistance is what 247 Wireless thrives on. Our administrative team is active 24 hours a day to handle all your queries.

What people say

“Got me set up with a corporate plan for my business. Great person to deal with, incredibly responsive and helpful!”
“Amazing service a pleasure to do business with! Was very responsive saved me a lot of money and got me exactly what i needed in terms of phones and service plans.”

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